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Furry DJ Music Exchange
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Music exchange for Furry Dj's
This community is here for Furry Dj's to share and exchange music (specifically music that would be used for dance sets). It's Primary focus is music discovery and expanding our track base. For other DJ related discussion such as advertising your sets, getting in touch with Convention and event planers, equipment and technique discussion, see: furrydjs

This is a cross Genre community, anything thats dance-able is welcome


For Music exchange:

1) You must join the community, membership is moderated
2) posts containing links to files must be made friends only, posts just containing song names need not be.
3) Post the Genre and kbps of the track(s) being posted
4) Files must be hosted through your own means (at this time, perhaps we can have a secure FTP set up by some Meerkat or Fox friends in the near future (hint hint))
5) This community and it's maintainers take no responsibility for Copyright infringement

Ideally posts will be made at least once a month with a track you find noteworthy for a Dance set. More frequent posting is encouraged.

Membership is not required for posting (just for exchanging), but is encouraged.